Step-By-Step How I Do My Earlier Daily life Healings

Listed here will be the process in which I do my previous daily life healings.

Clean up My Electricity Field

I make this happen for every examining no matter how large or compact. I take advantage of a way which i acquired from Melissa Kitto. I can not try to remember if it really is a similar any longer or if I’ve tailored it urgent healing prayer request. But that is what I do:

I swirl my dominant hand about my 3rd eye, potentially a few inches out from my entire body, then sweep both hands up in excess of my head and down to my shoulders, and i say

“In the title of (divine remaining) I cleanse my thoughts and i cleanse my soul.”

I try this three periods.

Prayer For Relationship and Security

I then say a prayer which I uncovered from Andrrea Hess, I can’t remember if it is really tailored any longer or not. At times I say it out loud, primarily in my head.

“Let the Temples of affection Light and Reality descend, increase and broaden, I ask for my Masters and Teachers be with me for real truth and accuracy to become received for that best fantastic of all. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you.”


I don’t previously do any kind of breathing but I do breathe here and emphasis on my breath. To centre and calm me. I generally light incense right here as well as smell for me is significant. If I don’t have incense then I sniff a bottle of crucial oil. I like lime as it appears to get up my senses.


For me my intention is always to visit the aspect of a past lifestyle that wants therapeutic. I do not go for names or all the aspects that are not needed, they’re form of the fluff within the history. I do think if you are heading right into a past everyday living, then it might too be to recover anything within this lifetime. Some individuals do like facts for info sake, but I don’t. For me it’s about the healing.


I talk to my consumer for their birthdate. I exploit numerology to tune into peoples power. So I glimpse at their first identify and date of beginning following.


In this article is where I just sit and emphasis on my senses. What seems to arrive sometimes is usually a kaleidoscope of seems and pictures and thoughts. Frequently I obtain a collection of photographs just as if Spirit is zeroing in, it in some cases appears to me to get similar to a slot device after you flip the arm or drive the button as well as the photographs go whizzing by. Then it stops.

I don’t judge it.

I do not attempt to comprehend it.

I just transcribe it.


I believe you have got to write down down the pictures and ideas in advance of the subsequent one particular will occur. Usually I will listen to the title of the place, then I will hear a century, then I’ll see if it’s male or feminine. Then I just sit there composing what I see. The final part is after i then zero in on what demands clearing about that scene I just observed, the underlying psychological blockage that’s continue to lingering. Usually I feel this in my belly, I hold out with the aha, the clicking, the sense that it’s all been tied together.

Believe in

The greater I get my analytical head away from the way the higher this total method will work. This has taken several years of practise. There’s often place for improvement as I improve and figure out how to believe in in spirit much more plus more.

I however do have doubts about my skills, I like to present a good services nevertheless the extra I get my ego outside of the way and prevent looking to command the result the higher my readings are.

Prayer for Therapeutic

You can use any prayer, it is really about intention, I use a prayer taught to me by a university student in the popular Amish healer, Solomon Wickey.

Closing Down

I then close down after each and every reading through. Even if I’ve yet another one particular to try and do just following. It kind of wipes the slate clean of that earlier daily life energy.

I say

“This would be the end of the looking through, make sure you clear away every little thing from my aura that doesn’t belong to me”.

I say the clear away anything from my aura component three times.

Then I say

“It is finished. It is carried out. It is actually performed.”

I normally choose to move or rise up at the same time immediately after I have carried out healings. Get back again into my physique. It really is essential to be grounded.

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